The relationship between philosophy and engineering

Praise be to God who created the world and then created the things. And then he created plant, animal and then created the best of creatures and after the creation of man, he congratulated himself. And creation is an attribute and one of the characteristics of God. And understanding the mystery of creation, and the interaction of the forces that affect the world of creation, which constitute the universe, has always been the place of curiosity of mankind. Therefore, from the dawn of human history, he has tried science and tried to understand things and the relations between them. And one of the elements that greatly helped to understand the relationship between materials and things in the universe was mathematics. And mathematics has always understood the generality of the relations of things, and has been devoid of features, details, facts, and minutes. But man tries to combine determinations and minutes with generalities and mathematics. This is where the mathematical world comes into play with the specific properties of materials. And he discovers engineering by combining the part and the whole. And the field of engineering consists of moving and static affairs. And human beings are curious to know each of these areas. And the knowledge of moving things is called mechanics. And they called the knowledge of fixed and static things civil and architecture.

Therefore, whenever man wants to discover the world of existence, he first arrives at the generalities from the determinations and the facts and the minutes. And whenever he wants to make something from the generals and from his imagination, he reaches the determinations and minutes. And then it gives objectivity and physicality to those features that, for example, take the form of a blueprint. That is, we have two movements from existence and designations to abstractions and generalities, and then manipulation of the abstractions and mentalities and generalities and returning it to the world of existence and determinations. And it is only human beings who can come up with such things in an abstract way. And this is the distinction between man and animal. So the more general and mental it is, the more human it is. And math is the pinnacle of generality. And it is kind of the pinnacle of human thinking. Because it can be completely stripped and devoid of determinations. For example, in predicate logic, you can completely empty concepts from partial concepts and show only the relationships between components.

For example, instead of saying that if it rains, I will not go to university.

You can write if A, then it will not be that B.

A here means rain, and B means I’m going to university.

And this is called a conditional proposition, and many details and determinations can be extracted from these generalities.

And this is the power of the human mind, which God has placed in our minds in a potential way. And activating and actualization of this part of the human mind requires training and practice.

It is unfortunate that many people today despise the abstract and the subjective, and they praise determination and materialism devoid of abstraction. But it must be said that a human being who is deprived of the gift of abstract thinking is an imperfect and flawed human being. Therefore, we must be able to take full advantage of this ability. And for this reason, in my writings, I try to identify some subtle and important points while identifying the connection between engineering and mathematics and philosophy and the whole universe. Because engineering is a combination of the world of generalities as well as the world of details. And engineering is a place where privacy and community come together. Because engineering is not a monastic and individual matter and requires knowing its social twists and turns.

So engineering is very complex and comprehensive.

It is no coincidence that the Muslim philosopher Ibn Khaldun called the science of sociology as Umran . Surprisingly, today we still know civil engineering in farsi language as Umran. Because the two are not separate. And are strongly related.

I hope in the next articles I can write valuable texts that will clarify the subject for dear readers.

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